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Business Owners

Why not give your clients the opportunity to see your business before they ever have to physically come in!

Google Maps Business View are now available in Canada and we are proud to be a part of it as a Google Trusted Photographer serving Calgary and surrounding areas!
Give your prospective and existing clients a 360° virtual tour of your business on-line. When searching for your business on Google, Google Maps or Google Places your clients will be presented with your company’s Google Local+ page featuring a 360° Virtual Tour and other photos using Google’s Street View Technology. They can walk through your business, zoom in on features and merchandise and see what you have to offer. This can give your business the edge when it comes to clients deciding whether they want to come to you or your competitor! This service is ideal for restaurants, retail outlets, Spas, Hair Salons and any business that deals face to face with customers that may search on-line for you!

See how Google Maps Business View can help your business!

Here is an example of a business we helped in Calgary by creating a 360° Virtual Tour in the Google Maps Business View Program.
Toscana Italian Grill – Calgary, AB.

To view Toscana Italian Grill’s Local+ page click here (will open in new window)

Best of all as the business owner, there is no cost to you for hosting the images on Google and you actually own the photos and can use them however you would like. Your only cost is that of our services to shoot the business and create your virtual tour. The virtual tour can be embedded in your website or social media site and you can use the accompanying Point of Interest shots in your own way as well! We can also assist you in setting up and maintaining  your Google Local+ page. We include all of the images for the Virtual Tour, 10 – 20 Point of Interest Photos on a DVD and documentation on how to use your Local+ page.

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