Yes, if you have a gmail account you can access your Local+ Page. From there you can interact with users leaving reviews and also take advantage of Google Adwords and Google Offers for your business. We provide you with basic training in accessing the Local+ page and if you need additional help we can be of assistance.

You quoted photo shoot includes;

    The shoot of the panoramas necessary to put together the tour including interior and exterior (some restrictions apply).
    10 to 20 Point of Interest Photos.
    Completion and publication of your tour and POI shots to the Google servers.
    A DVD of the imagery done.
    Documentation about the imagery and the Local+ page.
    Basic instruction on using The Google Local + page.

Other services are also available for an additional cost. Please see here to view them.

Well in short the answer is no. As a Google Trusted Photographer we have strict restrictions on the equipment that is used to create the Tours and we go through a training and certification program. We have the proper equipment and have gone through the training process to complete the tours for you.

We provide a complete portfolio of photographic services. From prints for purchase, rent or consignment sale to event photography for you or your clients. Please see some of the other features we provide here. These services are provided by Stephen Kennedy Photography.

We have been recently granted Tourdash Reseller status so we can help create Google Business Photo Tours with more interactivity for your clients.

Recently Google announced the ability to create tours under the Google Maps Views Program. We can create tours under this program for businesses that wouldn’t normally qualify under the Google Business Photos Programs like Vacation Rental Properties, In home B and B’s etc.

We can also create custom interactive 360 virtual tours that can integrate photos, videos,,maps, brochures and audio.

We are pleased to do tours in the Calgary and Surrounding areas. These include North to Didsbury, West to Banff, East to Gliechen and South to High River. We can photograph businesses outside these areas and from time to time will schedule several days to shoot in these areas. We will also make some time available when we travel into certain areas of the US if there are no GTPs in the area. Keep an eye out on our Blog for these announcements.

01. April 2013 · Comments Off on Are you a Google employee?

No, I am an independent contractor that is a small business person like most of our clients. We have been trained and tested by Google as Trusted Photographers and act as a liaison between the business owner and Google.