It depends on the size of the business. We don’t want to be an obstruction to your clients or business so we try to complete the process as quickly as possible. For most businesses the shoot can be completed in an hour to an hour and a half.

The cost of the shoot is relative to the size of your business. The larger the establishment the more panoramas that have to be taken to ensure good navigation and coverage. We would be happy to provide a free estimate of what your individual business will cost. Please contact us here.

The price we quote will be the price that you pay! Even if we have to return to re-shoot some items or panoramas for the original shoot. If you want additional photos done or other services then there may be an additional fee. If your décor or stock changes in the future, we would be happy to return and re-shoot the business. Frequently returning clients will be offered discounts in the future.

No. For some businesses it is advisable to try and do the shoots while there are no customers in the establishment however the Google technology allows us to blur out people’s faces, license plates and any private information that may be captured in the shoot. In addition if you see something after the fact that should have been blurred you can request that this be done directly by Google.