Stephen Kennedy is a photographer based in Calgary, Ab, Canada.

As a child Stephen was thrilled with photography after receiving his first Argus 126 camera. He grew up taking pictures of everything. In high school he learnt about shooting black and white film with SLRs and processing both negatives and B&W prints. As a young photographer he shot as a freelancer for the Calgary Boomers Soccer club for one season having several of his images published in the Game Day programs.

When the first Canon Digital Rebel made it’s appearance Stephen made the switch to Canon (moving from Minolta film cameras) and has been shooting Canon digital ever since. He credits the release of Adobe’s Lightroom with re invigorating his passion with photography as the post processing became easier.

After 20 years working as an IT manager with a major bank in Canada, Stephen is now turning his passion into his daily work! He currently shoots Landscapes and Travel Photos, Portraits, Events (mainly sports) and commercial work. Google Business Photos allow him to go out and offer clients some of the best marketing for their business available today.

You can view more of Stephen’s work and services he offers over at as well as his photography knowledge on the blog.

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