In order to authorize the photo you have to have permission to make legal authorizations for the business. We advise to check with your landlord or lease holder to ensure you can authorise imagery of the exterior of the building as well. In some locations photography may not be allowed of common spaces (strip malls, shopping centres etc). We can still shoot the business however the tour would only start at your front door.

A virtual tour of your business helps your business stand out from others by giving potential customers the ability to see inside your business! It helps you build an on-line presence through your Local+ page which is shared through other Google properties and even your own website!

Ideally we suggest scheduling your shoot either before or after regular business hours to ensure we don’t photograph clients and/or staff in the tours. We realize that this is not always possible. If this is not the case we would like to try and schedule your business shoot for a time when you may have a slow period during the day.
If neither of the above is possible the technology behind Google Business Photos does allow us to blur out recognizable features of people in the establishment and of items that may be captured and are of a private nature. If you see something that should be blurred out after publication you can contact Google to have the item blurred or even have the tour taken down completely.
We do go out of our way to ensure that if customers are in the business we attempt to not capture them and that they are aware that a shoot is going on. We also posts signs on the door of the business advising that a shoot is in progress.